X-treme Clean Equipment Wash

X-treme Clean

Equipment wash for heavy duty cleaning

X-treme Clean is a water based cleaner with a cherry scent that has been designed to have maximal power, without sacrificing the safety of the surface it is cleaning. XC is safe to use on aluminum surfaces! This will also cut down on the time it takes to clean surfaces by breaking down dust, dirt, road grime, and more to make your equipment and vehicles look clean again.


  • Cars/Trucks
  • ATVs/UTVs
  • Semi Tractor
  • Ag Tractors and Equipment
  • Aluminum Surfaces
  • Watercrafts
  • Construction Equipment
  • Many other surfaces


  1. Power Washer
  2. Foam Cannon
  3. X-treme Clean Wash


  1. No need to prep the surface unless excessive residue is covering the surface (ex: 1-2 inches of mud)
  2. Make sure the surface/vehicle is dry.
  3. Pour XC wash into the foam cannon (dilution is not necessary).
  4. Adjust dial on foam cannon to apply appropriate amount of soap and prevent wasting XC.
  5. Cover surface/vehicle with a thin layer of foam using a COOL WATER source (out of sunlight and preferably on days 75 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler).
  6. Allow XC 3-5 minutes to work by loosening residue from the surface. (A second coat of foam may be applied if extremely dirty surfaces)
  7. Begin rinsing off soap starting at the bottom of the vehicle, work your way up to the top, and then rinse down. ( Hot water may be used to rinse of the foam)
  8. For large equipment, foaming and rinsing in sections may be necessary to prevent XC from drying too much.
  9. Once surface in cleaned, rinse the surface/vehicle from top to bottom one last time. (Use soft water for a better rinse. Use Reverse Osmosis water for best rinse!)
  10. Dry surface/vehicle with a towel, or allow to air dry. If using hard water, drying with a towel or leaf blower will help minimize spotting.


Will it leave water spots?

This depends on the hardness of the water being used. The harder the water is, the more spotting is likely to happen. Using a towel to dry the surface is the easiest way to prevent spotting, but we understand that may be unrealistic with large equipment. Using a soft water rinse will help reduce spotting, but the best thing to do is rinse the surface/vehicle down with Reverse Osmosis water. Call us for more info on this topic.

Will It remove tar?

No, but it may help. XC was designed to help with debris of everyday life. If it could remove tar, it may not be safe for other surfaces. We do have other products to help melt tar away!

If I use XC, will I never have to scrub my vehicles again?

You don't have to, but we would recommend it every so often. What we mean by this is XC cannot remove every piece of debris from a surface, though it can do a lot. We still recommend using proper techniques, such as waxing, clay bars, etc. to remove contaminants from painted surfaces. This allows XC to perform at its best!

Does XC have a wax in its formula?

Yes, XC does have a wax built in. We found that the more wax we added to our formula, the less foaming XC could do. So, the amount of wax in XC will not replace the need for waxing your vehicle yearly. If you do not wax you vehicle already, then this is an added benefit.

Can I foam with hot water?

No. When spraying foam onto a surface using hot water, the water will evaporate too fast causing the soap to dry before it can work. This effect would be similar to washing in the sunlight on a hot day.

Will it damage aluminum or polished aluminum?

No. It is safe to use on all aluminum surfaces.

Can I used it on surfaces other than vehicles, like my house?

XC can be sprayed on anything, but ALWAYS test XC on a small area of the surface before using. Feel free to contact us with questions on how XC can be used.

What does XC smell like?

We have given XC a cherry scent.


1 Gallon Jug: $32.00

5 Gallon Jug: $150.00

- Larger quantities are available if requested -

We can ship anywhere in the lower 48 states