Tax Exemption Certificate

Please complete the below steps to submit your Tax Exemption Certificate.

1. Click here to access the Indiana Department of Revenue Sales Tax Form. If you are unable to access the form, please contact our office to request a form by email or mail.

2. Print and fill out the form. NOTE: This form must have a wet signature (physically signed), and it cannot be electrically signed.

  • Section 1: Provide your name, address, and at least one ID number. If you are a farmer and you do not possess a State Business License Number, you may enter a FID Number or a SSN instead of a State ID.
  • Section 2: Name of Seller would be 'Tonner Precision Services, Inc' and our address is '6959 W 100 N Decatur, IN 46733'.
  • Section 3: Check the box for 'blanket purchase' and in the description write 'Agriculture technology / equipment'.
  • Section 4: Check the box in this section that best applies to you. If you are a farmer, you'll likely check the 4th option referring to being 'occupationally engage as farmers'.
  • Section 5: Sign and complete all fields in this section.

3. Return the form to our office by:

  • Scanning and uploading your file here, or
  • Mailing the form back to our office.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.