Software Updates

To update your 20/20 display software for planting or harvest, click the appropriate link below for either Gen 1 or Gen 2 display models. Gen 1 models have two USB ports on the side. Gen 2 models have 1 USB port on the side and 3 on the back.

Click Here to go to the software download page

*Scroll down and select "20/20 SeedSense" to drop down a list with the newest software updates.*


1. Save the file to your USB drive making sure that you do not save it in a folder and that the file name is not altered.
2. Insert USB drive into the side of the 20/20.
3. From your home page, select "SETUP".
4. Next, select the "DATA" tab on the top right-hand side of the page.
5. You will then select the button "SOFTWARE UPDATE".
6. If your USB is inserted, you will see the current software update file. Select the file and then Select "ENTER".
7. When it is finished, remove the USB and select "Ok". The monitor will reboot and then ready to go.